Last week dancehall singer Uncle TJ said Uganda based Emma 47 was spreading lies that he wrote “Dunia Masabit” song. The remarks promoted Emma’s response and he warned that he is going to ‘arrest’ the Dunia Masabit hitmaker.

“I will arrest them one by one”, the musician said on his FB.

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In an apparent move to ridicule TJ, Emma bluntly claimed he doesn’t know of any musician named Uncle TJ when Hot in Juba’s John Masura engaged him in a FB convo.

He also said he would send “his boys” to get TJ’s ass for him.

“Am not a soja but i have right to do so, becoz wat u all write are not correct, i don’t know the people call TJ or Tz , i will tell my boys to get his ass for me”, he said.

When asked whether he meant a fight by say he would send his boys to get TJ’s ass he said:

“I don’t know the guy u are talkin about, by the way i can’t have beef with someone i don’t know, my boys not gonna fight him , i want them to bring him and see the kind of person who wants to step on my shoes”.