A tattoo proved too costly for a young bride after elders declined to engage in dowry negotiations courtesy of the offending ‘drawings on her legs’.

Her in-laws were incensed with the tattoo and cancelled the ceremony. She was reportedly dressed in a short dress that revealed acres of flesh to the consternation of the elders.

Her would be future in-laws unanimously agreed that she did not possess the right qualities of a wife and left in a huff.

Why did she put on a short dress when she was meeting elders? Why did she have a tattoo in the first place? Probably these are the question going through her mind right now.

Tattoos are usually associated with rebellious individuals and are yet to be accepted in this part of the world as a form of art.

Young people are, however, embracing tattooing, which involves inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin to come up with a design.