By Zack Mayul

This thing. A sense of losing moral values, loss of one’s own dignity, and the engineer of the world total distraction: a game where men seduce other men and fall in love with the size of their pockets and bank accounts. This, let’s just baptize it ‘ECONOMIC HOMOSEXUALITY.’

In other words, it is a process by which men chase men with money, or women chase their fellow women because they have what they want. It is no longer a diagonal affair like gold digging anymore as you might think.

In this process, at this critical time; it is where money produces the loudest noise, trust lose value, friendships all dead and gone, and respect got buried unceremoniously. These days, those who used to be close together have dispersed. No phone calls to check on one another, no frequent visiting, and no usual beer joints as a team.

Why? Because people of the same financial clan no longer drinks together, parts, and plans together. Men of the same class these days either jilt or beg separately to balance their gaps.

Economic homosexuality can tell you all these. In this kind of an affair, where men with no money but blessed with brains woes men with money and have no brains. A lot of things are happening.

For example, these “dates”, they humble themselves to the lowest key; to an extent that if they’re dipping their hands into their bosses’ pocket, they would not mind whether to touch their private parts or not: when their bosses crack boring jokes, they laugh loud to an extent of shedding tears.

When their bosses fall sick, they fall sick, too; and when their bosses meddle with those that they don’t like, these people will also rent out their feelings to accommodates the hatred for no reasons. Is this not moral decaying?

With the government sweethearts, it is even worst. If you are not a homosexual, you would be forced to love what you hate – something against your will. You don’t have to shout their names aloud unless there is a need to praise them. You’re not allowed to make bad comments about how they’re running offices, managing public funds, etc, etc.

One time, a friend of mine. A straight man happened to be a victim of such act; verbally attacked because he complained of why the constituency has never been visited by the Member of Parliament since he sneaked into his air conditioned office.

There was poor services delivery and insecurity issue that need to be addressed. Actually, there were so many other grievances that need to be tabled and they need to present them all to their area MP. He really complained a lot.

A few days later, he was attacked, beaten ruthlessly, and warned sternly never ever to open his mouth and feature their “LORD” in his ill debate again. Last time I talked to him, he told me he is still being watched by these same people who are dating the MP.

However, blame it on our poor thinking and low attitude towards work. We’re anti work lovers and we love easy things to come to our ways.

These relationships will never end unless we step out of these cocoons and work for ourselves.

How sure do we become when one wait to be given something by someone when he pleases and not what you are demanding him/her as your legitimate right? How small or big can it sustain your needs and wants?

Put on your tight pants and wear your Timberland shoes always to kick out this thing called ECONOMIC HOMOSEXUALITY in your life.

Zack Mayul is a 3rd-year student from Ndejje University in Kampala, Uganda, perusing Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He can be reached via his twitter and Facebook as Zack Mayul or email: zack mayul <>

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer.