Last month when popular US based singer Dynamq publicly declared that he “doesn’t fuck” with South Sudanese musicians in United States, most of musicians took offense and publicly attacked Dynamq, who is the second most viewed South Sudanese musician on YouTube.

First to respond was Sultan Clintone who claimed “Dynamq lacked originality in his music” and then the war of words started on social media when various musicians responded in an online forum.

Read below the responses from some artists:

Mista D: Well, everyone has an opinion. If he thinks not messing With junubin artist works for him? Then let him do what he wants, I personally stay in my lane and take care of my priorities !! (no hard feelings) lol In other words I have no time for bull crap.

One musician chose to play a mediator by saying: To all the Junubin artists world wide Be strong & courageous. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go, everybody vote for Dynamq it’s the first time in history for south Sudanese to be nominated in an awards, lets do this in the name of Junub Sudan.

Advisor Rex T: No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is, Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. Advisor Rex T said so.

O Kays: Hahahahaha I’m loving this… Let’s try to build a music industry first then this non sense comes after.. Like are you for real??? I said this a long time ago “fake it till you make it” we all copy a line or a flow from other big African or Jamaican artists .. It’s doesn’t mean you own the song if you made a remix to it.. YouTube is very handy.. Songs from way back in the days are been remixed!!! No originality!!!… Sudanese artists need to humble them selves and be true to them selves!!! And for the fan, ya’ll only know them artist through YouTube or a show… You need to know the artist personally before ya’ll start to judging them..I wish all of them the best in there musical journey!

Sultan Clintone: I already stated my opinion I don’t I think I have time to be going back and forth. I would rather spend this and energy in the studio doing music. as for what you start I would like to quote the famous quotation ” if you are going to pray for rain better be ready to deal with the mud” I will see you in Washington DC August 29 if you wanna talk. Go go like my Music.

Nor Montreal took it to a whole different level by posting this and deleted it later:


On his part, Dynamq had these to say:

Dynamq: I believe this is not new to me, like I said before, I know exactly how some folks feel about the Sudanese child. Not losing my sleep over it.

Dynamq: He said my music is not getting attention. I don’t do music for attention though, I do music because it’s a healing to the soul. You can keep the attention, I don’t need it.

Dynamq: All because I said am not friends with some folks, some people need a hug and a teddy bear. Go away and don’t come back.

Dynamq: Like seriously with all that’s said, why would anyone get mad because I don’t deal with them ? Key number one to knowing your haters is to know their move before they make it. I saw this coming from wayyyyyyy back.

Dynamq: And that’s the reason I sang KALAMAT DEH WOSULU. Some people just hate to see others do good. I support South Sudan “GOOD” positive Music. Roda Ibrahim mixtape is coming out very soon.

Dynamq had a chat with Hot in Juba’s Masura and he had no kind words for Nor Montreal, calling him all sort of names:

I am not giving him attention. He is a one hit wonder, that’s why l say they are lazy. He don’t even have a hit. Do you know anything about him as a singer? Funny thing he ain’t even my friend.

Asked if he was ready to reconcile and squash beef he said:

I am sticking to my story. l don’t have beef with them because what l said was true. They live in America, land of opportunities, they have everything in their hand but are not taking advantage.

Imagine if you were living here all the chances you would have, also look at their music catalog. They don’t get airplay in Juba or Nairobi. Those dudes are here acting Hollywood like some big names but nobody knows them.

I am not squashing nothing because l have no beef with anybody, whoever don’t like what l said should ask themselves if they were actually cool with me that’s the truth. l don’t even hang with these dudes, they all want to make it to HIJ website, trust me. I am not responding to him. People here call him a gay artist.