Dynamq known as Torit  Lorya arrived in the capital, Juba for the ”Jere Jere” concert that saw him perform in Secret Corner, Basketball stadium and Boat cruise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The Friday show at Secret Corner was packed beyond capacity, as most fans had to squeeze for space.

“All the seats were taken, I have nowhere to sit, I can’t even see the performances on stage”, said Vincent, one of the excited fans who thronged to the venue.

For Ayen Victoria, she said that being short in height stopped her from watching the performances.

“I tried to look for a chair to stand on so that I could watch the performances but could not as all the chairs were taken”, Ayen said.

Ayen suggested that performances should be screened on a projector on giant screens for everyone to follow.

Saturday was family day show at the Basketball stadium. The event saw the 40 street children hailing from Confident Children out Of Conflict sing to the crowd, which excited people like Samio Peter who said that he enjoyed watching the children sing with confidence.

“They are the future of this country and I thank Rock Stars Promotions for allowing them sing to us, it was really great and may God bless them”, Samio said.

The “Jere Jere” family day show though ended late, left people yearning for more. One fan known as Ayuel told Juba Monitor that it was all fun to him, seeing Dynamq and other South Sudanese singers perform to their fans.

“It was fun and my first time to see Dynamq and some singers like Chris Mun for the first time. I personally had fun and hope the rest of the people had fun too”, said Ayuel.

The last show went down on Sunday as fans, danced, sung and took selfies while on Board of a Boat on River Nile, with all the artists such as Kawaja Revolution, Jay Family and Dynamq entertaining.

The after party was at Kullana Bar and Grill where all stars performances on a free beat took place and fans danced till dawn.

Dyanmq who was the guest artist sung most of his songs, like “those days in Nairobi”, “love shining”, ”nobody”, “Oh ya” and the famous “Jere Jere” hit.

By Daniel