A malfunctioning laptop could not stop Dynamq Sound International’s Kennedy Lorya from winning last Saturday night’s US Rumble, held at The Garage in The Bronx, New York.

After a tense contest, Dynamq, representing Kansas City, won from a field of seven competitors.

“I’ve always wanted to represent Africa and the Midwest, and I saw US Rumble as the platform to get on the stage. It was an outlet to show what we from Africa can contribute to the sound system culture,” Lorya told the Jamaica Observer on Sunday.

The other competitors were Revolution from Washington DC, Jah Mikey One from California, Banky Hype from New Jersey, Black Magic out of Atlanta, Webbzite from Rochester, New York, and hometown boys Platinum Kids.

Lorya attributes his success to experience in sound clashes.

“My laptop wasn’t working in the first round and I used someone else’s. I was basically free-styling and I guess the presentation was perfect,” he said.

Originally from South Sudan, he moved to the United States 20 years ago.

Source: Jamaica Observer