To show that South Sudanese are hardworking people, renowned, award-winning singer and DJ has teamed up with a cast of hardworking South Sudanese on his new music video.

According to a source close to Dynamq’s video director in Juba, the singer has recruited a number of selected hardworking South Sudanese to feature in the music video to his single “Aragan.”

Dynamq who is working on his next EP which is expected to be massive is currently shooting a music video in Juba that is expected to show how many South Sudanese are working day and night to improved South Sudan, a country devasted by war, corruption, and nepotism.

The music video features a lead protagonist, a young lady who works at a construction site.

The source who is in Juba disclosed that unlike some South Sudanese who are busy working with foreign musicians and DJs, Dynamq has decided to invest in local talent.

“You know recently, some musician went to Tanzania and paid someone to have a collabo with a Tanzanian musician, that money could have been invested in a local talent,” the source argues.

Dynamic has in the past worked with a number of music projects with South Sudanese musicians like WJ the King, Queen Zee, Yaba Angelosi among others.

Hot in Juba has confirmed that Dynamic will also host a talent show dubbed Aragan Talent Show in Juba later this year. The winner of the talent show will be given a contract to record 3 songs and their videos courtesy of River Nile Entertainment.

Dynamq was born in a family of seven children. He grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya. His love for music came from attending Sunday school. He got himself involved with Jamaican music while at the camp.

He is the reigning Rumble champion and holds the Bermuda Triangle champion title, he has also made it to the semi-finals in the popular Boom Clash in Jamaica and the River Nile Crocodile and Jamie Hype from Young Hawk sound formed Team USA to compete in, and win, the famous War Ina East championship.


He has shared the stage with various artists such as Damian Marley, Benjy Myaz, Lady G, Richie Spice, Luie Culture, George Nooks, Jesse Royal, Queen Ifrica, Mikey Spice, I Wayne, I-Octane and Beenie Man.