Controversial Silver X landed over the weekend in Juba from Cairo, Egypt and head to Club Signature’s VIP Exclusive Show and he might have had too many drinks to behave.

Silver X on Saturday at Club Signature in Juba assaulted female presenter, Kinkyluv of Radio One 87.9 FM. According to a source who was at the scene, Silver X was drunk at the wee hours of the morning when he started assaulting the presenter, accusing her and Radio One of not playing his songs.

The singer started kicking and ‘Bunia and Shaluting’ the poor girl before the bouncers came in and stop the beat up.

Radio One says that they play songs from the local musicians and Silver X has no right to beat up a presenter if his songs don’t get played.

“We actually have a percentage of local songs to play n we as radio one have been promoting almost each n everyone irrespective of who they r just to boost our music but if the so called big artists are not exemplary,” Radio One question.