There was drama at Kapsoya in Eldoret, Kenya after two married South Sudanese women were arrested after they engaged in a physical fight over 19-year-old man.

Witnesses said the women, Susan Adit and Martha Ajok who are both married to Lost Boys in The United States of America started fighting after a heated argument ensued between them over 19-year-old Mathew Deng, a high school student.

Bior, a resident of Kapsoya said that South Sudanese women in Eldoret are sexually starved and they are resorting to luring young boys into sexual relationship using money. Some of this women stay away from their husbands for like 2-4 years.

“Most of these women here in Eldoret are s ex pest…they are running after young boys for bedroom pleasure.this days even Kenyan boda boda riders are pumping this Lost Boys’ wives. I sometimes blame the Lost Boys, Why stay away for long away from your wife and expect her to be faithful,” said Bior.

According to numerous witness, married women in most towns in East Africa are endulging in sexual activities with young boys and showering them with money.

Source in Eldoret alleges that the women were bailed after Junubin elders intervened.