A man has been caught red-handed having s*x with a donkey. However, the crowd was shocked when the man offered to pay $150 in a bid to evade disciplinary measures.
Dennis Muteyo (44) was reportedly caught having s*x with a donkey in the middle of the night by its owner, Farai Shumba. The incident happened in Zimbabwean village of Kasvoro.
According to B Metro New, the alleged animal rapist was disturbed by Shumba when he was having a nice time with the donkey and reportedly failed to escape. Shumba force marched the accused to his friend’s place.
Realising he was in for a big fix, Muteyo offered to pay $150 as lobola (a bride price, traditionally one paid with cattle. the practice of paying a bride price). However, it turned out he did not even have the amount he was offering and, therefore, the matter was reported to the police and he was arrested on bestiality charges.
As a result, he was arrested and he pleaded not guilty before the magistrate citing that donkeys were a distance away from him. Due to overwhelming evidence, he was fined $200 (or 3 months imprisonment).

Via Zimbuzz