A drunk lady was on Friday morning left in shock after she found herself in bed with a stranger.

The incident occurred at Delta Hotel in Hai Sora in Juba.

The lady caused a scene after waking up barely dressed with a guy she didn’t enter the hotel with.

The unnamed lady is said to have been out partying with a close friend who they agreed to rent a lodge in Hai Sora for a night.

They checked into the hotel with her male friend but she freaked out after she woke up in bed with different guy in the morning.

“It looks like she was out with the guy. When they got tired after partying they decided that they go to sleep but apparently she was too drunk,” a source who witnessed the early morning drama unfolds told HIJ on Friday.

The furious lady got violent attacking the guy she came with blaming him for setting her up to have sex with someone she didn’t know.

“Why did you f–k me and I don’t know you,” the angry lady is said to have shouted.

The drama was later calmed by the hotel management after they were asked to leave.