In what is one of any father’s worst nightmares, a man reportedly met his daughter in a nightclub in Juba. The father was in the club having his favorite alcoholic drink.

It was until 11.00 pm that he spotted his daughter entertaining a man on the dance floor. The man was indecently touching her and she was, in turn, giggling drunkenly. What she was wearing was worse than what she was doing. She was in unethical, indecent and provocative clothes.

The father was in a rude shock. He was surprised to see his daughter at club yet she was studying at one of the Institute in the town. He dropped the glass of wine and hurriedly approached his daughter who had not realized the presence of her father.

He singled her out from the dancing floor and summoned her before punching her to the rescue of the curious onlookers. Her counterpart had already vanished into the thin air when the drama unfolded.

“I am very devastated tonight. My daughter whom I thought is at school is here clubbing,” said an irritated father.

“In fact, it was just yesterday I sent her money for upkeep yet she spends on clubs. I always know her as a spiritual child,” added the father shaking his head in disbelief.

The lady identified as Louise fled the club in tears after the rescue.

According to the reports, the lady was with the boyfriend in the club enjoying themselves.