Community leaders at Protection of Civilian site(POC1) have banned youth at POC from playing dominoes and cards after a fight broke out over a dominoes game on the weekend resulting in a death of two men and dozen others injured.

In an order disseminated throughout the PoC last evening, the community leader Zacharia Bok Lony said the order prohibits playing dominos, cards or watching love dramas locally known as masesela till further notice.

This according to the leadership will allow for the return to normal of the camp and to investigate what led to the involvement of many youths in a huge brawl on Saturday.

Calm has returned to the camp following the intervention by community leaders and elders yesterday and all those who had been pushed out of the camp in the recent fighting are back to the site.

However, there was tension last night when rumors spread that “the eastern Nuer were coming for revenge” and “the western Nuer were coming to revenge” for having lost one of their colleagues, but this was later discovered to be lies.

The situation is currently normal with many of the wounded blaming themselves for fighting a useless fight. One person has died and many others were injured in the violence.

Via Radio Tamazuj