Doctors warn that using black henna can prove harmful or even fatal because they can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Doctors warned days after a woman in Juba was admitted for severe skin burn that was caused by black henna.

Black-henna tattoos are common things in Juba and especially during weddings.

Doctors warned that black henna can cause a severe allergic reaction which can be life-threatening especially on a skin that is bleached.

Black henna often contains the chemical p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), which gives the natural reddish-brown dye a black tint. It is also the main component in most hair dyes.

Once the body’s immune system has triggered an allergic reaction to PPD, such as after having a black henna tattoo, further exposure can be fatal.

“If you use black henna, especially those who have bleached, it could cause an acute reaction, which can make you go into anaphylactic shock,” said Dr Mostafa Deng, a skin specialist in Juba.

This can cause abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness and, in extreme cases, even death.