If you live in the Diaspora chances are you often send money home to help family and friends, but how do you make the decision as to who deserves your hard earned money and who doesn’t?

Well, most Diasporan Junubeen have no guidelines as to whom should they send money to, how often should they help and how much money should they send? Some of you send money to whoever calls you the most or to whoever cries the louder, which is totally wrong.

Since you can’t possibly assist everyone who needs assistance in South Sudan, here are the guidelines on who deserves your help and who doesn’t:


1) Your parents (if still living) deserve regular help, but make sure the money you send gets to them and are spent wisely for advancing their well being.

2) Your ill siblings deserve assistance but not routinely.

3) Your disabled relatives deserve occasional help.

4) Your best friend deserves sporadic holiday gifts, but not routine assistance for food or housing. That’s not your responsibility.
5) Of course, your spouse and children deserve 100% of your help.


1) Your able-bodied siblings, relatives or friends don’t deserve your help even if they keep calling you day and night. Here is a rule of thumb: Before you help someone, just ask them this simple question: What’s the most significant thing did you do during the last 3 days? What the most gainful activity were you engaged in all day yesterday? You would be surprised to learn that they spent the whole day yesterday sleeping, hanging out with friends and sipping tea while you were busting your ass off at work trying to make a buck. You should never assist a person who isn’t assisting him/herself.

2) You should never assist someone who is looking to get married and is only short on dowry. That’s not an emergency.

3) You should never help someone claiming to be a student without seeing their grades regularly. What if they aren’t good students and just wasting their time in school? By helping them, you are enabling their bad behavior and eventually failing them in life. Not everyone who wants to go to college deserves to be in college.

4) You should never bail someone out of the trouble they caused to themselves such as impregnating someone’s daughter. Ask Dr. Jok Madut if that’s a good idea?

5) You should never pay someone’s travel expenses, whether they’re traveling within SS or abroad. That’s not a good way to spend your money because when you left SS for USA, Canada or Australia, chances are none of your newly found relatives had paid for your travel expenses either.

 Via Dengdit