Upcoming singer Uncle TJ whose baby mama recently accused of dumping her for a sugar mommy is now a man in trouble.

According to the singer, a man said to be working for a government security agency has threatened him not to release music of a song titled “Nyibol” which he shot recently or else gets in unspecified trouble.

TJ was featured in a song by another up and coming Dancehall singer Max Young. The video girl named Nyibol who starred in the video happens to be someone’s baby mama.

The singer told HIJ the girl Nyibol appeared in their video since the song’s was also called “Nyibol”. The singer denied he’s romantically linked to Nyibol.

I just shot a video but Moreen Nyibol’s husband tells DJs to stop playing the video claiming that I have a thing with his wife. The guy is a zol kebir in national security. So I find it hard to promote my new song. He believes that we have a thing coz the song is called Nyibol and and his wife is called Nyibol and she is the one in the video,” the singer explained when contacted by HIJ.

Watch the controversial video here.