Kampala based South Sudanese Afro-Dancehall music sensation D’Mighty Kim has unleashed his latest song ‘Insane’. The song was released about two weeks ago.

‘Insane’ is an expression of love for beautiful ladies. From the booming keyboard-tinged intro Insane is a song with a feel-good vibe. It has a club-banger aura that makes somebody want to jump on the dancefloor. The energy and gusto from the beginning of the song to the end are commendable. The lyrics to the song are easy to sing along to.

Born Rilipuou Chan Bol D’Mighty Kim is a South -Sudanese Afro- Dancehall music creative based in Kampala, Uganda. The multi-vocal singer was born in Tonj, South Sudan.

D’Mighty Kim begun his music career in 2013. His first hit song was Pon Di Floor which he did with his brother Nick Deezy which gave him a seat in the music industry and massive recognition in Kampala, Uganda as well as South Sudan.

D’Mighty Kim started as a dancehall artist but with time he embarked on being versatile in his style of music and that is how he settled for a fusion of Afrobeat, dancehall, and contemporary music.

Apart from his latest song Insane, other songs by D’Mighty include Make Me Feel, Nyan Mading Aweil, Designer, among others.

D’Mighty Kim’s future plan is to do a couple of albums, collaborations with various music artists both locally and internationally. He would also like to start his record label and sign up artists across Africa.

Watch the song below: