DJ and athlete Mangar Makur Chuot, more popularly known as Bossmaan MG, is refuting allegations of child molestation made against him by the mother of his daughter, Yar Mayom Aliir.

Speaking to Talk of Juba, Mangar said that in an article published by blogger Achan Tonny on Hot in Juba, his character is being defamed as Ms Aliir is making false allegations of child molestation against him. The mother also claims he was never awarded full custody, however court papers sent to Talk of Juba, shows otherwise.

The allegations were all sparked after a posting the DJ made on Facebook in defence of his reputation as the mother of his daughter was allegedly spreading false information about him with the intent to damage his reputation.

In December last year he was given sole custody of his daughter after the mother was charged for aggravated assault by Western Australia Police. There are three key witnesses standing firm with the police. The assault resulted in his daughter needing extensive surgery.

The Australia based DJ, is founder of Boss Maan Sound System BMSS, which has a popular following amongst South Sudanese worldwide. He is also responsible for organising popular concerts for the South Sudanese community there, and is also training to be at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Mangar is also an ambassador for the Outback Programme for Athletics Western Australia where his volunteer work in Indigenous Communities in the country has resulted in a number of television documentaries being made about him.

The ‘recovery order’ misproving Ms Aliir’s claims that Mangar was never awarded custody of his daughter:

Recovery Order

Recovery Order