Eyewitnesses and Ruweng State Government officials have accused the army’s Fourth Infantry Division (Div4) of killing civilians along with Nuer militias in Abiemnhom.

A government official told the National Courier that, the attacks started on May the 2nd and have been ongoing for the last 24 days. We could not get the details of the killings between the 6th to the 19th of May.

However, NC has verified the following:

The 2nd of May

Ayuel Kur Ayuel was killed in the middle of the day at around noon by suspected Nuer militias while herding his cows.

On the same day soldiers from Div4 came to the area and instead of assisting the victims they shot at the civilians. They killed:

(1) A member of National Security forces.
(2) Chol Mayiik Nyok who was the bodyguard of former Abiemnhom East County Commissioner.

Two other civilians were wound in the same attack by Div4.

The 3rd of May

A civilian, original from Northern Bahr El Ghazal region, who was a farmer and resided in Abiemnhom was murdered at 8PM. His wife was wounded but she survived with their four children. He victim has been named as Deng Akok.

The 4th of May

(1) The sister of Hon. Batharia Monyror MP, was killed. Her name is Agon Monyror Miakiir.

(2) In the same attack Nyanbol Mijak Dau was shot in both legs and her houses burnt.

Nuer militias are suspected to have been responsible for these acts.

The 5th of May

Another person identified as Alei Ngor Miabil was killed by suspected Nuer militias.

The 20th of May

Three people were killed by suspected Nuer militias. One of the victims has been identified as Ngor Kur Abiel from Awarpiny.

The 26th of May

Two people were killed yesterday and one wounded:

(1) The Headmaster of Biennhom Secondary School Ustaz Marial Manyiel Monytoch was killed. 
(2) Osman Mijok Ngol was also killed.
(3) Kuol Bith Amal was wounded.

In addition, the whereabouts of two youth from Panaruu clan, Kuacguor sub-clan are unknown. They went missing after an attempted raid on Wunkur was repulse.

The authorities have appealed to Juba but they have been met with silence so far. They have appealed to the military high command to reign in the terror unleashed by elements of undisciplined soldiers from Division 4 who band with the militias to kill civilians but so far the army has not responded to the requests according to an area MP.

Source: The National Courier