South Sudanese deputy ambassador Mr. Gordon Buay in Washington DC recently took to social media claiming that his house had been ransacked and vandalized by unknown people on early November after he came from a visit back home in South Sudan.
Mr. Gordon Buay is seen to be always controversial and is always in constant online fights with rebel sympathizers as well as rebel supporters on social media.
On a post he uploaded on his Facebook page, he stated, “Police is investigating the ransacking of my apartment in Washington metropolitan area on Thursday. I came to Juba on November 9th and the apartment was locked. On Thursday, our embassy staff discovered that somebody broke into my apartment and destroyed many things in the room as you can see in the pictures. They went through my books and documents as if they were looking for something. But I don’t keep sensitive documents at home. We keep documents in our Embassy.”
“The police was called and they are now investigating it. I am aware that I have so many enemies who can do that. I am not surprised at all. But I am confident that the US law enforcement agencies will bring those “unknown gunmen” to justice. There are Ansars who want South Sudan civil war to be fought on American soil. But they will not gate away with what they did to my apartment.”

He added that he suspected supporters bases in the US-Washington DC are the ones behind the incident. Rebel supporters of the much known rebel leader Riek Machar are largely based in the diaspora and he believes they could be the ones behind the “attack”. The “unknown” attackers broke electronics like TVs and other valuables in the house.
However, new reports emerge that Mr. Gordon Buay’s apartment could have been “fake destroyed” by himself. Through a report released by Africa Press on December 1st, 2017, details emerge that Mr. Gordon Buay’s apartment in Washington DC, US, was destroyed by his own embassy colleagues and turned the blame to someone else. Mr. Gordon Buay’s move to Juba, South Sudan was also seen as a surprise move to many, with his intentions still remaining unclear, as well as those of the “perpetrators.”