Former South Sudan minister and academic Luka Biong Deng allege that Dinka, the biggest tribe in South Sudan are the most unwanted community in South Sudan.

While speaking on a live Facebook show, Biong says that Dinka people need to come out and ‘clean their image’ in the country to survive in the country.

‘If we don’t correct our image as Dinka, we are done,” Biong warns.

He also accused some senior government officials of land grabbing in Juba.

I know many cases in Juba, any senior officers…actually started taking the land of Equatorian,” he alleged.

Biong is also a Global Fellow at Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Associate Fellow at Carter Centre for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School and a fellow at Rift Valley Institute.

He is a recognized expert on the affairs of Sudan, South Sudan in areas of poverty, vulnerability, famine, civil wars, constitution-making, and state-building.

He served for five years as a minister of presidential affairs of South Sudan and as national minister of cabinet affairs of Sudan until May 2011 when he resigned in protest as the Sudanese army took over his native home area of Abyei.