South Sudanese musician, Dinganyai has reunited with his ex-wife, Amaan.

The reunion happened yesterday in Juba after community elders intervention to reconcile them. The reconciliation initiated by Gen.Khamis Abdallatif Chawul Lom, a community elder close to the couples saw close family members get together to solve the troubles between the singer and his ex-wife.

The news of troubles brewing between Dinganyai and his wife made it to social media a few weeks ago, when he ordered Juba police to arrest Amaan, a mother of his 3 kids. The arrest sparked an online debate on social media, with many netizens criticizing the singer for putting the ex-wife behind bars.

Amaan shared a video of her arrest with the world accusing Dinganyai of domestic violence, harassment and taking the kids away from her.

The video quickly went viral and cause a public uproar on social media and this led to the creation of a donated page on Facebook which managed to garner over $40K to help Amaan and the kids.