Several users of the new Digitel Telecommunications Company in South Sudan are saying it’s extremely difficult to get the network’s airtime in town.

“The problem is now only buying airtime because it’s only available in their offices at Juba Town, University of Juba Main Campus and Hai Neem. That’s the biggest problem but they are working on it by still looking for agents,” an anonymous user said.

A new Digitel line comes with a one-off 500MBs and 500 Minutes for Digitel to Digitel calls and 00 SSP Airtime.

Digitel which did a mini launch on Monday this week is only present in Juba. Officials say they only requested 600,000 pieces of SIM CARDS that will soon run out of stock given the rate at which people are buying.

However, many Digitel customers have already registered dissatisfaction including difficulty in airtime purchase, internet-related issues including difficulty in loading WhatsApp messages and media among other complaints.

To date, Digitel doesn’t have a digital and social media presence. The new network is yet to carry out awareness campaigns making many describing their launch as a “low-quality entry to the market.”