Meen Mabor, the Coozos Clan Entertainment boss and mentor of the late singer Lil Jay spoke to HIJ recently following the death of group’s youngest member.

Meen who is also a cousin of Lil Jay said the death of Lil Jay has really traumatized him. He said before Lil Jay’s death, the duo were putting final touches to their 2016 album entitled, “Geleng”.

“God gives and take. He is a hero that everyone is mourned, that’s why I couldn’t even shed tears anymore. The nation cried for my little bro. All I can do is to honour him well. I will drop a song for him,” he told HIJ in a statement.

The singer says he will soon drop a tribute song for late colleague and organise a concert in honour of Lil Jay once the security situation in Juba is stable.

Geleng poster