Binia Wewe” hitmaker Neetah Baby who is currently making a buzz in Uganda after making TV appearance on a top Ugandan TV station is rumored to have dumped her long time BF, columnist Mr. Sabuni.

The Eye Radio Female artist of the year, 2014, who rose to fame in late 2013 is arguably a product of Mr. Ang Sabuni.

The columnist Mr. Sabuni is widely known to have contributed a lot to the entertainment industry through his column, ‘Campus Diary’ which also features on Uganda’s Red Pepper newspaper. He is also revealed to have influenced Anita (her real name) into joining the industry, probably, after their little home talent search.

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His relationship can be clearly seen in Neetah Baby’s photo library on Facebook, dating back to days when she hadn’t discovered her sexy-self. The two even plagiarized a famous slogan by one of Uganda’s leading telecom company to keep their love candle blazing.

The phrase is; “Pakalast” After releasing “Binia Wewe” track, Mr. Sabuni has been seen at major public occasions and radio stations championing Neetah’s new found-talent and music. However, in recent months, Ms. Pakalast has been traveling solo and posted a lot of jive on her Facebook wall. Such comments got us thinking.

“Dat moment when yo boyfriend’s profile pic is of another lady and he still tells you that he loves you hmmm” Neetah posted on FB recently

“Don’t make a fool of a woman who has made you her everything. #Pakalast” She continued.

If this is true, then it’s surely true when they say; “Stardom and Fame has unusual casualties.”

Neetah and Mr. Sabuni