Ruka Music founder and the surmounter of South Sudanese reggae music, Dynamq has announced the official start of his charity work in a foreign land.

“Yes am going to Haiti for charity work, I will be there for 4 days, I have a non profit organization called Yal Deh Project, as you know Yal Deh in Arabi Juba means “These Children”, which was taken from one of my first hit songs called Yal Del. Its my first project which I will be visiting the refugee camps in Haiti, spend times with the kids there, Meet the President of Haiti’s family for dinner & also taking some children clothes, blankets soccer balls etc.” The statement extended to Hot in Juba by Dynamq reads in part.

Dynamq through his ‘Yal Deh’ Project is in Haiti, an island in the West Indies to offer lifesaving donations to people still grappling with the effects of a 2010 earthquake.

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The Sudanese child, as he likes to be called, said that his organization is ready for a 4 days charity mission trip to Haiti from 23rd July to 27th July, 2015.

Dynamq lauded his manager, La’Keba Garcia for putting in extra work in the project to see its first charity work officially begins in Haiti.

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“I will be doing charity works in Haiti, South Sudan, El Savardo & Kenya for now.” He told Hot in Juba

‘Yal Deh’ in which the project derives its name from is a popular song by Dynamq that talks about the plight of children and those in the streets.

See some of the photos from Dynamq’s trip to Haiti:

Dynamq in Haiti dynamq sudanese child dynamq in haiti sudanese child with horse with kids

Additionally information via Talk of Juba