Security officers should only arrest suspects after producing warrants of arrest.

Yesterday, Deputy Spokesperson of the National Police Service Col. James Dak Karlo said some security personnel arrest suspects without producing warrants of arrest and this is wrong.

Col. Dak urged the public to report any wrongs done by security personnel to the police so that it can be handled professionally.

“Security actors should follow their Code of Conduct especially police are entitled to arrest the person whose name is clearly indicated on the warrant of arrest,” Col. Dak said.

He said civilians should not fear security personnel if the relationship between the civilians and security personnel is to improve.

The Deputy Spokesperson of the National Police Service attributed wrong behaviors exhibited by some members of the security organs to unprofessionalism.

Col. Dak made the statement during a dialogue forum on enhancing confidence and trust-building between security actors and civil population in Juba yesterday.

He said the criteria of employment process in the security sector also led to some of the unethical behaviors of security personnel.

“Picking someone from nowhere and putting to a position of which she or he is not trained, trained for three to four months not fully trained, based on employment on family relationship is a big cancer for people of South Sudan,” Col Dak said.