Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deng Dau and a member of parliament representing a constituency in Twic East, Jonglei state has been accused of ordering demolition in order to grab land.

Deng who was appointed recently through a presidential decree has been accused of using his power and influence in the governmemt to intimidate citizens.

“Deng, one of those who supposedly makes laws that govern the country, could not see the importance of exhibiting leadership defined by tolerance, humility and following the rule of law, allowed emotions to overwhelm and led him to use unforgiving force to bring down in no time what has taken years to build, causing a major outcry, with many advocating a retaliation. I don’t advocate retaliation for Deng is not just one of our own but also a deputy minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, a docket entrusted to someone expected to display the highest standard of tolerance, civility, patience and courage to sensitivity. However bitter and whatever the motives, someone of his calibre, would have gathered the courage to reflect before acting because such actions not only bring bad publicity and cause discontent and disharmony from the citizens he supposedly represents in parliament as lawmaker and outside as the image cleaning of the country but clearly depicts power abuse. Or unless the action was an intended ploy to provoke another dog fight in Juba to generate money for conflict entrepreneurs, he should simply apologize to the affected family, rebuild the demolished and open a new chapter of harmony,” a concern citizen said.