Dear President Kiir Mayardit,

By Wani Michael

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the R-ARCISS Parties for peacefully resolving the issue of state allocations. We thank you for providing leadership and taking that bold decision without external intervention or resolution but a resolution is taken from Juba in South Sudan.

Mr. President, since 2005 your government has changed and moved some senior government officials from one ministry to the another, from one political office to another and appointed governors retaining their seats for years without even presenting his or her programs and no evaluation or follow-up on those programs especially those supposed to come from the ruling party, SPLM. We’ve seen government officials accused of corruption-related issues or cases and others taken to court and sentenced to prison on corruption-related charges. What surprises us is the fact that you see the same people accused of corruption-related issues and crimes are dismissed from public office only to bounce back in higher positions.

Mr. President, it is time you work on your legacy, “KIIR’S LEGACY” (KL), and that legacy should live for life and generations to come to talk about it. I’m talking about SERVICE DELIVERY such as; infrastructural development like good road connectivity, better health facilities and services, better education system, agricultural development, youth and women empowerment, and most importantly robust security sector reforms. Mr. President, your legacy doesn’t ONLY mean or resonates on the signing of peace agreements and settling political disputes with your competitors but SERVICE DELIVERY to the people of South Sudan. You’re the President of all South Sudanese including SPLM members and non-SPLM comrades or citizens.

Your Excellency, I had an opportunity to read your beautiful 2010 Presidential Election MANIFESTO and what you promised your voters and I would like to point some few points among them were; BETTER EDUCATION SYSTEM under FREE EDUCATION program, BETTER HEALTH FACILITIES and SERVICES, AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT and BETTER INFRASTRUCTURES such as ROADs. I would like you to reflect on that beautiful and great well-thought MANIFESTO.

As you think of putting a STRONG TEAM of Governors and your Party (Former TGoNU) is allocated SIX SLOTS and it is our hope that you won’t bring the same faces that keep destroying your image by not focusing on developmental programs.

Mr. President, the youth constitutes 72% of the total population in the country but LESS REPRESENTED in key decision-making positions. Since 2005, you haven’t appointed a YOUTHFUL GOVERNOR and I would like to refer you to the SPLM Constitution definition of youth and limits it at 35-years-old.

According to SPLM Constitution. The youth are accorded 20% AFFIRMATIVE ACTION at all levels of government and the Party structures but this is yet to be realized. It is my hope that your party SPLM believes in INTERNAL DEMOCRACY and respect its own constitution. Don’t you think it is time you also consider implementing this particular constitutional demand of your party by APPOINTING YOUTHFUL GOVERNORS?

Your excellency, with the 6 state slots given to your Party (Former ITGoNU). We expect no less than two (2), youthful governors, in fulfillment of your Party (SPLM) constitution. Also, the Revitalized Peace Agreement under article 1.4.5 talks about the implementation of the party’s youth quota system, and at this point, we are talking about the SPLM 20% Youth Affirmative Action.

Your Excellency, it is time you APPOINT Political leaders based on their programs as opposed to technical know-how. Those appointed should help you achieve your desired goals and built your legacy on service delivery.

I wish you all the best in making those FINAL decisions and appointing the state governors but don’t forget the youth.