In your minds, with able board of directors, functional departments: Marketing & Sales Managers, reasonable Human Resource Officers, do you, by any chance, try to fit the shoes of your customers?

Does this old adage ‘customer is a king’ exists in your two latest version of the dictionary? I mean, do you feel the pain that your customers are going through, even a little? If you don’t know, then here is why a tired customer is wailing.

It beats my understanding and someone else’s too, that you have no difference with any other fraudulent monopolise business. Your shoddy principles and your dully activities are killing us.When this nation fall short under the financial plagues, things were still the same as they are even today; and, in the first place, we understood and hoped that things will get better one day, especially your services delivery.

What did you do when you raised your services above sea level and almost reaches the sky?

Before 2016 aftermath, you raised taxes because the government was taxing you too much. Did we, the loyal customers, complained or flooded your suggestion boxes with our complain leaflets?

We adhered by your grand rules and we quickly mutates according to the situation, didn’t we? After that, what did you improved?

Customer care is still the same even today. Services delivery, messy! Tariffs,Terrible! Operation, Worse!

What are your plans dear MTN & ZAIN? Time wait for no man. We have been patient enough and the patience is really killing us right now.

MTN, for example, is as bad as my forgotten dark past that I would never wish to remember.

These days, your phone can still through even after you have remove your line and travel to the nearest Congo for a gold smuggling business.

Your love ones would think you have been ignoring them or something has happened to you, maybe.

If you really want to contract ulcers, try to surf the Internet using MTN line. You will instantly get some medical attention at the nearest Lou Clinic if you care to save a life.

Zain on the other hand is just undefined laughing gas. It is as slow as snail.

The thing is, our communication companies have armed themselves to rob the poor customers in a silent manner.

Why on earth would you raise taxes to the brim then still offer 3.75 G internet in this century?

Why would you keep appreciating your knock off services and still give us poor internet?

There are people who want to do online businesses and you’re here not giving them their dues even after trying to comply with your companies.

If there is no that skill within the organisations, then go for benchmarking at Safaricom’s office or MTN Uganda or Vodafone in South Africa and see how customers are seduce.

People are paying too much for too little that you give. Money does not grow on trees, neither are money collects like the ocean ornaments.

Employ able people to do quality work: good marketers, IT graduates, etc, etc. There is no slavery in business.

The way money is hard to get should be the same way the spenders are respected when they spend on your service.

People in this country are using Mobile Money and Airtel Money from Uganda and then Mpesa from Kenya in order to transact their money.

Is this not an insult to your companies? A country that about 30% of her working class are foreign nationals. And then, the funny thing is that we are not even complaining about it.

Vivacell was politically evicted to give you a chance to convert; a golden opportunity which you refused to grab with two hands.

One thing you should be sure of is that, once a new competitor clinches in by any mere chance, what happened to Celtel (currently, airtel) in 1997 will still happen to you, come rain, come sunshine.

Don’t be surprise to use rituals in order to convince us why you think you will give us the best services.

Your dearly, conscious consumer!

Zack Mayul studied Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Ndejje University, Kampala Campus. He can be reached on both Twitter and Facebook as Zack Mayul.