Ruweng administrative Area has been under attack by various criminals and armed groups from neighboring areas as witnessed last week when an attack left an old man from Ruweng dead and hundred of cow s raided.
These series of attacks made Ruweng citizens raise concern after the area administrator, Chol Awunlith kept his mouth shut!
These attacks were not condemned by the Ruweng administration, something that angered many people from Ruweng State and made many people questions Chol’s leadership skills.
Today, he met President Salva Kiir and briefed him on several things pertaining Ruweng Administrative Area. After the meeting the president, Chol spoke to the media and alleged that Ruweng Administrative Area is calm and stable.
His statement took many online by surprise. Many question his statement since Ruweng has been constantly under attack.
“Nothing calm pertaining security issue he is acting traitorously against his beloved people of Ruweng, many numerous attacks have been occurred till now there is a sort of dread that they’ll come to an attacks people, so Ruweng territory has become a target by the long-standing enemy of Ruweng who always organized an attacks the so-called Deng Gai. Therefore in this standpoint am condemning the chief’s statement he is deluding the facts that the dire security circumstances people are passing through,” a social media user from Ruweng commented on the statement.
In the past recent weeks, several Ruweng community organizations, youth groups, and elders have called for the firing of Chol Awunlith, who they accused of corruption and working against the interest of Ruweng’s people.