Speaking to Australia based SBS Dinka Radio Asunta Kuol Gai Wek Ajak gave an exclusive interview on her father’s death.

Kuol Gai became the latest victim of Islamic State barbaric acts last week. Asunta has not seen her dad in a long time because they have been living in separate countries. She is in Egypt pursuing her studies while her siblings are in Khartoum. Her father has been paying for her school fees.

The only means of communication with her dad was on phone most of times. His father has been working in Tripoli for years until the Libyan crisis when Libyan leader Gaddafi was killed in 2011, he moved to Libyan city of Benghazi where he was kidnapped by terrorist group ISIS and eventually a video purporting his gruesome beheading appeared on YouTube.

During the time of crisis in Libya, they have not communicated until when the shocking news of his dad reached her through relatives.

Kuol was born at Ajak Kuach payam in a village called Pamuk in Twic County of Warrap state. Kuol has one brother and two sisters. He went to Khartoum as an IDP in 90s and started working as general laborer. He first worked with Medecins Frontier France (MSF) as a driver and later left that work and went to Libya looking for greener pastures.

Listen to audio interview in Dinka below:

Via SBS Dinka Radio – Australia