The law enforcement agency has arrested five suspects police calls “the most dangerous” criminals in Juba town, Jubek state police commissioner has said.

Major General Jackson Elia told a press conference in Juba on Friday, that the suspects were held during a search last week after four people were killed in different locations in the city.

The Police Commissioner said the unnamed individuals were traced by the security organs.

“This week our personnel managed to arrest five of the most dangerous criminals. All this time we have been tracing them and eventually, we manage to trace them,” he said.

General Elia said the suspects are linked to a number of cases in the Munuki and Gudele area, where they were terrorizing the community.

“Those criminals they were terrifying communities in Munuki block B and C and then Gudele black 5, 4, 7 and black 8 and sometimes they move up to Jebel, conducting robbery in those areas.”

He said the men were also connected to the killing of a 22-year-old man in Mangateen area in Juba early September.

“They attack the Lieutenant Colonel in Munuki and they shot dead his child. So we managed to gather information through our reliable sources and we manage to apprehend one of them and then, at the end of the last we apprehend all of them.”