Popular Dancehall artist Rappadox has spoken on recent death of his close friend and fellow musician. The singer said no arrests have been made yet after an incident which left Rappadox affiliated musician Lual Riny better known as Snoop dead.

Rappadox who was a close friend to the slain musician said no leads to arrest available due to lack of identity of the killer. Speaking to The Mail recently, Rappadox said Snoop was killed on August 22 when he (Snoop) and friends had partied that evening till late.

He met met his fate when he was involved in a fatal hit and run accident while. His car was hit and he died on spot while dropping off his friends at home.

“While dropping some of our friends whom we met at Panafric, a car crashed into us, killing Lual instantly,” he said.

“I’m deeply touched since he was more than my manager. He was a true friend and my brother,” he added.

The Mail Newspaper