A new dance series dubbed “Dance 211″ for South Sudanese youth is set to launch in Kampala and Juba soon.

The first South Sudan’s modern and traditional dance competition will see a winner or group walk away with an envelope loaded with cash every 2 weeks.

Dancers are chosen among the audience by show of hand; all one has to do is register at the venue and express interest to compete. No advance preparations required.

Those willing to ”battle” have 60 seconds to wow the crowd.

According to the company organizing the event, the winners will be determined by the level of applaud made by the audience. The host of the event will ask the audience chose the winner by pointing at each dancer, and the audience will be required to applaud louder at the winner, kinda like the American, Dance 360 series.

The second segment of the event includes; a RAP BATTLE. Two rappers wannabe will go head to head and the crowd will also chose the winner by the level of applaud. The constant winner of the rap battle will get a recording deal for one of his/her favorite rap song with a production house in Kampala and Juba.

HIJ is informed that Dance 211 competition will be organized every two weeks in those locations.

Dance 211 is a production of 3Ds Media Company, a newly established company in Juba. The idea will be replicated in Nairobi after Juba and Kampala events are established. These cities have significant number of South Sudanese youth.

The dates and venues for the event will be announced soon by Hot in Juba -the official partner of Dance 211 event.