Grass that grew between tiles to form a cross-like image at the Juba Teaching Hospital has charmed the attention of some believers in the vicinity.

The grass which mysteriously grew overnight has been interpreted by believers as a sign of God showing himself to South Sudanese.

According to a source who was at the hospital said that a nurse who was on duty was awoken by a voice at night.

“a nurse woke up after a  voice instructed her to get out to where the cross-like grass was and pray.”

Some people alleged that the cross-like grass was a sign of God punishing South Sudanese and an end to the world.

“The world (South Sudan) is coming to an end so people should turn to the cross for forgiveness,” a believer said.

“Jesus live in us and among us, I also heard the same thing happened in Bentiu that grass grown on an electric pole and wire depicting exactly the son of man hanging on the cross.”

“Da sign written in da bible dat God wll finish sudan is alrdy revealed.