– By Michael Redline –
The day President Kiir announced the creation of 28 states, marks the end of Dr Riek Machar’s political conning. Dr Riek took huge loans from European countries through his fake 21-state agenda, lying to them that oil belongs to Nuers. Now do you see why the EU is crying like a little girl over Kiir’s 28 states? Anyway, the creation of 28 states has shown the world at large that Riek was and is still an international conman.
Dr Riek’s defection in 1991 thrusted him to the international conning arena. After he joined Khartoum regime, he was made leader of southern Sudan by President Bashir due to the oil factor. Dr Riek did con President Bashir, claiming that he was the only leader capable in the region to sign the launch of oil drilling in the 1990s. With his talent of conning that his god Ngundeng gave him, he won the interest of Bashir, making him a signatory to the oil deals which the Chinese implemented in 1997. Now, Dr Riek has died politically, and that is if president Kiir does not reverse the decree. Dr Riek’s days in political conning are over. President Kiir needs to come up with the strategy that will put Riek into a political grave which is, in my opinion, exile.
Nuers have realized that Riek is fighting for his own interest, not community interest. The war that he created has caused lots of destructions of innocent Nuers’ lives. Good enough, it has dawned on Nuers that he is using them to earn money through humanitarian assistance from western countries. The man is so selfish. To prove it, he is everything in his movement as he holds all the important positions: He is the head of finance He is the head of logistics He is the secretary-general of SPLM-IO He has registered SPLA/SPLM-IO under his family name as company to earn money from well-off friends and well-wishers. Unfortunately, Riek’s friendship with China is in dilemma as Chinese have learnt about his inner conman.
He entered an agreement with the Chinese last year. The agreement required him not to attack oil fields in exchange of $100 million, but his forces did destroy oilfields in Paloch this year. Thus, Chinese are unhappy with him and they now avoid him like a plague. He always tries to lay his frustration on Kiir now, saying the president is not respecting the agreement they signed in August. Liar! The truth is that his international friends are the ones frustrating him. He is now in the US, struggling to get $1.3billion from US government to pay back his huge loan as owners want to castrate him. These include arms dealers and friends.
Currently, Nuers abroad are contributing money to boost him up as what he did is bringing shame to the community. Believe me or not, Riek is calculating his survival tactics: how he will survive in exile. Riek is not coming back to Juba, but he will be in exile until law will call him back to answer his crimes he has committed against people of South Sudan. In conclusion, President Kiir should stick to his 28-state plan. He’s now literally holding Riek by the testicles, politically. Kiir must not stop. He has to go ahead with the decision by implementing it.


The views expressed here are solely the opinions of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the writer not Hot in Juba.