When you decide to be a weed smoker , be ready for an out-of-this-world experience. The effects that come with smoking weed are generally negative, although countries around the world are rapidly updating their policies to legalize the commercially feasible plant. Here are some of the crazy stuff that happens to you when you become a weed smoker.

You lose friends
Obviously, not many of your friends will put up with your newly endorsed behavior. Some will shun away from you because of your erratic tendencies or fear of being associated with you due to societal norms.

You become a hard worker
Naturally, you’ll get to work harder than you normally do. That’s why some manual workers who work  at construction sites take a puff or two before they start their daily tasks. It’s been reported to increase bodily functional rate.

Sex is better
This is so true. When any human is under the influence of a drug, they make love like it’s the end of the world. A friend recently opened up to me how sex was steamy when she was drunk.

You never fear being alone
You can walk in the dark and feel like you’re superman. You get super confident and believe that you can do literally anything in this world.

You become an addict
Up to 10-20 percent of cannabis smokers become daily dependents. They just cannot do without it. They have to buy and hoard the drug in volumes in order for them to survive.

You act like an a**hole
When you are ‘high,’ nothing seems impossible. You feel like you could oust Salva Kiir and install  Riek Machar. You eyes become red and your judgment is the opposite reflection of what you should be doing.

You die
Smoking ganja has long term effects on your body. You could eventually die of suicide or schizophrenia.

via Mpasho