In an industry where almost 98% of musicians are doing one genre of music. Dancehall of course! Any musician that can perfectly say “Watagwan!” or “badder dan dem” nowadays claim to be the South Sudanese dancehall kings but the fact remains, only a handful of musicians can rightfully claim the throne of Dancehall Kingdom in South Sudan.

Last year together with Juba TV, the Hot in Juba listed only ten musicians who we can at least say can represent the country in the international patwa and Dancehall scenes. These musicians included Siise, Yogo Man among others, but this year the trend is changing as new faces of Dancehall have emerged and they are determined to dethrone the past dancehall kings.

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One of these emerging new artists is Crazy Fox, real name Ladu Bishop. The singer was catapulted into the limelight by his smash hit “Tebiu Chapati” which has been topping the charts all over Juba.

Currently the singer has two consecutive hits, “Tebiu Chapati” whose video has been released last month and “I Love You”. Crazy Fox is already doing collabos with big names in the industry. He was recently featured in rapper LUAL’s latest song “Kabara el Kaab” which was released last week.