Gone are the days when Crazy Fox would beg every radio presenter in Juba to play his songs, this is because the “Tebiu Chapati” hitmaker feels he is the hottest singer in Junub currently and so it has to be like the case of the hunter becomes the hunted.

Last weekend in a club, we are told he had an argument with a radio presenter from one of the local radio stations in Juba.  “Who the hell are you? I even don’t know you, FUCK OFF!” the fast-rising artist allegedly roared at the presenter who just wanted to say HI to him.

Yeah, call it prize of fame or whatever. After all Crazy Fox recently released a song called “Man A rule” and he seems to be surely ruling.

We are told the presenter after swallowed his pride after he got disrespected by the budding “Dancehall Monster” and left ashamed.