Equator Radio presenter David Loro alias Crazy Boy Davido has said he’s the best radio presenter in South Sudan, a statement that won’t go down well with veteran radio presenters in Juba.

Davido who hosts a mid-day show ‘African Cocktail’ on Jubek State owned radio station says his radio show is the most listened to show across Juba automatically making him the ‘Number One’ radio presenter in the country right now.

“The statistics don’t lie. I am currently the number one radio presenter in South Sudan. Who can dispute that,” said the radio man in an interview with HIJ on Thursday.

‘African Cocktail’ radio show is the commuters’ favourite program. Most public transport buses tune to the show in the morning as they ferry passengers to their respective work places across the city.

The show which runs from Monday to Sunday at 9am to 12pm features interactive topics of discussion where listeners can call-in to share their opinions on the topic. Listeners are also allowed to request their songs of choice.

“EBC radio is the best because Davido gives us topics that we can relate to and discussions on things that happen in our daily lives.” One die-hard listener of the radio program said referring to Equator Radio’s acronym, EBC which stands for Equator Broadcasting Corporation.