A high court in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal has sentenced a 28-old soldier to death for murder.

At a closed-door court hearing at Aweil Central Prison Service, Jacob Kuol Buong was sentenced to death for murdering 17-year-old Adut Tong Deng at Hai Salam area, Aweil Town on 6, July 2020.

The suspect, an active SSPDF soldier from Tiger Division in Juba was found guilty of killing the teenager for allegedly refusing to marry him.

The presiding judge, Justice Abraham Majut, before declaring the verdict, highlighted the police investigations and the previous court proceeding to examine the evidence presented earlier to the court at the court hearing.

He explained the court’s decision.

The suspect allegedly traveled to Aweil with an intension to harm the deceased, Adut Deng Tong.

“He shot and killed the deceased for allegedly refusing to marry him just two days after he arrived in Aweil from Juba,” said the judge. Two other girls were wounded during the incident.

The judge told Mr. Jacob who was handcuffed and chained around his legs, that he has the right to appeal against the court decision within 15 days.

The defense lawyer, Garang Akok Mading welcomed the court decision. However, Jacob Kuol’s defense lawyer, William Kuol Maduok, disagreed with the court decision.

He accusing the court of overlooking information that led to the murder.

“Yes, the court decree was issued on 14 September 2020, but we party of the defend of Jacob Kuol Buong have fifteen days to appeal the decision, and we will go to Wau, Bahr El Ghazal Court of Appeals to open the case against the decision made by the high court in Aweil.” William Kuol Maduok said.


Via Community Radio