A self-proclaimed Prophet earlier sentenced to 2 years in prison over adultery accusation will now be expelled from the country.

Prophet Abiluson Isaac, a Ugandan national, admitted before a Yambio court that he committed the offense.

Prophet Abiluson of the Tabernacle of Witness Church was reported to the police by John Nambazia who said he locked up his wife in a bathroom when they paid him a visit for counselling.

The incident took place three weeks ago.

Speaking to Eye Radio, Gbudue State Information Minister Hussein Enoka said the prophet will serve 2 months in jail before he is deported.

“After observing that the prophet is a foreigner, he is going to be deported. Then they reduced from two years to three months. From there, the government is going to work on the process of deporting the prophet back to his country, Uganda.”

Enocka said Prophet Abiluson will also pay a fine of 25,000 Pounds and the wife of Nambazi will also serve a jail term.

He went on to say that the church remains suspended until it obtains necessary requirements for registration.