The South Sudanese oldest music group, Coozoz’s Clan, are recording a new love song titled, “Tutu” with award-winning female talent, Tutu Baibe.
The led member of the music group, Meen Mabor Meen better known as Menimen said from Club64 on Monday that the song portrays the culture of dating in the country where a man would stick to the woman he loves no matter the condition.
“In our culture, once a man loves a woman, he will stick to that woman no matter what goes on such as brothers and parents of the woman not accepting his move,” he said.
“We are showing a story where a girl refused a proposal from a man but the man still insists on the woman,” Menimen added.
Menimen said chooses to work with Tutu Baibe on the project because she is humble and a talented female artist.
Tutu Baibe, while speaking to media said that working with Coozo’s Clan is a blessing because the crew has been doing music for the last fourteen years.
“What amazes me is that the song is in my name, basically talking about what happens in love, where at times women are stuck in relationships,” she said.
“My message to the women is that don’t be forced to love someone you don’t want, let love come from your heart.”
Tutu said that the culture of women being forced to marry men they don’t love must stop. For her, women must be given the chance to marry men of their choice.
Producer Jehu Sam of Corner Stone Music said the “Tutu” audio set to be released before the end of this week will be a blast.

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