Sera hitmaker Cool B who is currently in Uganda’s capital Kampala has called on South Sudanese musicians to stop the use of drugs. The use of drugs like weed and others is very common culture in the music industry.

“…message to ma fellow musician lets stay away from drugs and pass the message positively to the fans who value us outside there drugs are not the right definition of being a MUSICIAN,” he said.

The singer urges musicians who are using drugs to cease using them since they’re dangerous to health. Cool’s brotherly advise to musicians came following the reported incident where popular Ugandan singer Jacky Chindaru has “gone mad” due to drug abuse. The singer is said to be currently in rehab recuperating.

Cool has however ignored recent social media attack on him and Silver X by Nairobi based rapper Natty P. The rapper surprisingly took to his Facebook to air his thoughts on Silver and Cool B.

“middle finger (fuck) Silver ass and Cool bitch…am the baddest in 211.RIP to competition soon,” Natty wrote on Facebook.