Few weeks ago Nairobi based rapper Natty Pee took to his Facebook account to vent his frustrations over alleged unfairness of Radio Miraya’s music presenter Moro Lokombu of The Beat show.

The rapper had alleged that Moro only plays songs of Equatorian artists where he comes from neglecting Dinka and Nuer artists.

Now, another singer who is Dinka has come to Moro’s defense. Singer Cool B had this to say:

This is a simple saying to who ever cares about the music industry of S.Sudan
Let it be an Artist, fan, journalist or music analyst.
We shld be the very people who shld bring peace to this very country but if we are the very people preaching tribalism on social media that wont help.
There for to our beloved fans outside there, please be calm n support the industry let there be NO saying that the favor Equatorian Artists than Dinka & Nuer Artists
That will not take us anywhere n some small minded Artists will take it personal
Let’s join hands for the best of the industry
Together we will make it to the top lets look further.