Last week South Sudanese netizens were shocked when controversial Facebook Live host, Mary Akon went on a live FB show to talk about her cookie.

Mary Akon known for her I-don’t-care style of speaking took to her social media account and talked about her psusy for minutes before eventually showing thirsty Jununbin men her honey pot.

While speaking to our reporter, Mary explains why she showed her ‘good mur’ to the public.

“There are South Sudanese men who claim that Akon has a need up ‘mur’ and some of them have been requesting me to send pics of my boobs and ‘vajaja’ for their eye consumption, that why I came out to the public and posted my ‘mur’ because it’s good,” Akon told HIJ reporter.

Akon continued to say that after posting the video she received many calls and texts from people advising and requesting her to take down her post, which she did hours later.

Akon’s post went viral with men challenging other women to show off their ‘good cookies’

Akon who lives in Europe is known for her controversial discussions on social media on various topics from politics, social issues, and sex-related topics.