Commercial sex among young South Sudanese girls is on rise in the capital, Juba, says the Chairperson of the Women Parliamentary Caucus.

Honorable Dusman Joyce said some women are behind the act.

She said the crooked women persuade the girls to sleep with rich men in hotels in Juba, then they later share the money.

“You can see them they are staying there and there are people who are using them for money and then they divide the money,” said Hon Joyce.

She said some of the girls are driven to such places by poverty and the economic hardship.

The South Sudan 2008 Penal Code stipulates that whoever procures any other person to become a prostitute commits the offense of procuring, and upon conviction shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or with a fine or with both.

Honorable Dusman urged the law enforcement agencies to look into the matter.

via Eye Radio