You will now be able to catch comedian VIP swaying in and out of traffic with his new set of wheels.
The award-winning comedian gifted himself with a brand-new car to mark his success in the entertainment industry.

The comedian, who started being a stand-up comedian in Egypt, was thrust into stardom a few years ago and he has since managed to solidify himself as a respected comedian in the entertainment industry.

VIP has been enjoying the fruits of his successful comedy labor recently, and he has not shied away from showing off his achievements.

The 34-year-old took to his Facebook account to share the exciting news of his new whip purchase where he wrote, “Ambassador of happiness. 2020,Year of goodness and blessings, God willing, I have every believer in God. And your hands are upon you, I have intended you, as I have been blessed with the golden car. say amen. (And every diligent person has a share.)”