Wednesday is a ladies night in Juba so most clubs allow ladies entry free of charge. For this reason clubs are packed on Wednesdays with all types of Juba girls. From Broke, Rich, Drunk to Horny ladies.

This makes it easy for few guys planning on having “Take Away” for the night. BTW Take Away in Juba means taking home a random girl from club for some good time. But with the deep economic hardships facing the country only few horny fellas with heavy pockets who manage to get “take aways” through buying girls expensive Juba liquors.

Comedian Koryom popularly known for his comedy phrase “Maduool” was one of the lucky guys Wednesday night at the Mask Bar. Maduool who was in company of radio presenter Sweetheart Sambro and other celebrities had to take advantage of the ladies’ night goodies and managed to get himself a “take away”.

The tall comedian was seen getting a lap dance from unknown Nyabo (Ugandan girl) and then later the two were mouth in mouth, passionately making out. After more than 10mins of serious kissing the two left the club probably for happy ending. Maduooooool!